On March 19, 2019, Welland City Council awarded the Forks Road Bridge demolition contract to Schouten Excavating. Demolition work is expected to begin shortly. 


Key Dates:

March 13 – Mayor Campion, Councillors, and senior staff attended the Forks Road Bridge Committee Public meeting held at the Carrie Lynn Pinard Centre in Dain City

March 19 - Welland Council awarded the Forks Road Bridge demolition contract to Schouten Excavating

April 4 - Demolition crews have started preparing the site for the bridge removal

April 8- Public safety guidelines will be in effect and continue until construction crews have completed the demolition and are offsite

April 15 – Bridge demolition is expected to commence 

April 23 – Staff report to Council regarding potential funding sources and replacement options 

May 1 – Expected completion for removal of centre span of bridge; South Course will reopen to waterway user groups 

May 31 – Expected completion for removal of two end spans 


Important Public Safety measures:

  • Access to the construction area is prohibited to all pedestrian, vehicular, and boating traffic for safety reasons. Appropriate signage will be in place, including vehicular detours; 
  • Appropriate safety parameters and signage will be placed around the construction zone; pedestrians are advised to stay clear of the canal banks outside the designated construction zone; 
  • The City of Welland is designating the area as a “no fly” zone for drones during the demolition period because it disrupts construction and poses a potential safety hazard to crews;
  • Present water temperatures in the canal are extremely low and will cause severe hypothermia; 
  • On water training for Waterway user groups is permitted in designated areas only.


Updates regarding the Forks Road Bridge will be added to the City of Welland public engagement platform, The online project is available for public feedback and information sharing.


Next Steps:

City staff will be bringing forward a report to the April 23rd General Committee meeting that will provide an update on potential funding sources and replacement options.